Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sunny, with slightly singed basil

We are having an old-fashioned Appalachian spring. Rain, rain and more rain, cool temperatures, the occasional frost warning. We did have some almost-freezing weather a couple of nights ago, but I didn't worry much about what's planted since it's mostly the tough stuff.

Going out the back door this morning, though, I noticed a big pot of basil that I'd just planted last week. It has a little black around the edges of a couple of leaves but is otherwise alright.

The last frost date in any gardening zone is likely to be a guess, not a firm appointment with summer.

I have gone off sugar (again!) and feel mah-velous. I periodically quit cold-turkey but find it sneaking up on me again. So I am creating nourishing and wholesome meals to distract me. Lots of fresh veg and especially greens--sometimes wilted with olive oil.

Maybe I'll have some for lunch right now.

Please excuse me.

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