Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Baking Day...

Baking Day is pretty much most days for me. I have to go to my horticulture class tonight and I have several writing deadlines I am working on,but I also am home baking because there is basically always a need for me to be baking goodies to deliver to one of my local customers. Today: gluten free magic bars, gluten-free brownies, unicorn bars (the pink sparkly darlings above), coffee cardamom bread, and some mini-quiches. But I kind of want to make cupcakes today, even though I won't get to it. The ones pictured are coffee walnut cupcakes that are super delicious. I got the recipe from the New York Times.

The unicorn bars? They're just Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Pan Cookies, made with white baking chips instead of chocolate, and frosted with vanilla buttercream and sprinkled with my own blend of crazy colorful sprinkles. They make me happy to look at them! And they're super popular at the movie theatre; the employees love how pretty they are and the customers find them hard to resist. They're very tasty too.

This blog has been sitting fallow and Byron thought maybe we should get it going again. I have had issues with the changes made to Blogger so it may be a learning curve trying to change cover photos and design etc. But we'll give it a go, so watch this space!

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