Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Go Forth and Forage!

This story from the New York Times tells of enterprising urbanites who forage for fruit in cities. There are links to a number of websites that feature networks of people interested in foraging for and trading fruit in their urban neighborhoods.

I'm tickled to see attention being paid to this, and a whole culture growing up around it. I grew up in a foraging family. In addition to paying to pick fruit from orchards and "u pick 'em" fields, and growing our own vegetables and fruit, we also went into the country throughout the spring, summer and fall to gather wild strawberries, hickory nuts, puffball mushrooms, etc.

Here in my Albany neighborhood there is at least one apple tree that literally drips with fruit in the autumn. Near the girls' prep school is a nice Macintosh tree that I used to get lovely apples from, but it hasn't blossomed or fruited in the last two years. :( I wonder why? Is it the bee situation?

I hope there are plenty of fruit trees and shrubs in your area. Get out there and snag yourself some fruit!

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