Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cortland Apples

I went to the farmers' market on a wild hunch today and scored some local Cortland apples. I have several varieties that are my absolute favorite--most heirloom varieties. I'm sentimental about Cortlands because the old and dying apple tree in my backyard looks to be a Cortland.

The fruit is good for a lot of things--eating out of hand, crisp, sauce. I prefer a tougher apple for apple butter but in a pinch, Cortland will do.

I made some lead pork medallions for lunch today and they require some apple sauce, too. So, as I type this on my netbook in the kitchen, an apple crisp is almost ready to come out of the oven and the apple sauce is whistling on top of the stove.

This is also corn season in western NC but I was disappointed once again. Some fat Silver Queen was available...but...when I was a kid, my family preferred what they called "horse corn," a durable silage corn that was probably used by most folks to make hominy. We didn't like overly sweet corn or overly tender corn and I'd love to eat some of that big-kerneled, rough corn again.

We boiled it for a while and then slathered it in butter and salt. My, it was good.

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  1. I have never been a big fan of Cortlands (although I ate many of them in my childhood, as I grew up about forty miles from Cortland, NY). But they do seem like they'd be a good cooking apple.

    We toyed with the idea of going picking today but the local orchard only had Macintosh. I am hoping to make it there for some Macouns later this month.