Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It has rained here for most of the last week, with torrential downpours on Sunday and Monday. I picked these gorgeous eggplants in the rain on Monday, when I just went out for a few peppers.
There's something so satisfying about getting soaked in a cool autumn rain while picking the last of the veg for this season.
I'm hoping to plant a fall garden but it's way too wet right now and more rain expected this weekend. But I will have more chances to plant for "wintered-over greens" as the ground dries up some.
Planning to cook these sweet young thangs tomorrow night--after a long day of being at the computer, catching up on email and trying to fix a problem with Outlook Express. Standing at the counter with a sharp knife, with some sizzling garlic in olive oil and slicing tender eggplant will be a nice reward. Not to mention eating the things.
Next, I'll tell you the exciting adventure of creating a rustic wine--red currant. With another batch of grape wine fermenting in the carboy, we turned our sights on a fruitier wine.
Gad zooks, what will be next? Parsnip wine? I have to save the elderberries for tincture, you know.

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