Saturday, April 2, 2011

Soup of the Evening...Again

Do you make your own soup stock? It's easy and the potential for delicious is fairly high.

Tonight I put some schmalz, carrot ends, a baked chicken carcass, the tough greens from spring onions (which wintered-over in the garden) into a big pot and simmered the lot for a couple of hours. I strained all that mess out and added back in some carrots (chopped), lots of onion, fresh kale and spinach. I simmered that another 45 minutes until everything was soft and the flavors had blended a bit.

It's the kind of soup that will age well--if we leave around to age.

We do like soup around here.


  1. It was, dear Goddess. I would bring you some to the crossroads's all gone.

  2. Must let you know that I have chix stock cooking now b/c of your post. I've done it in the past but have slacked off. Honoring Hestia.