Wednesday, August 3, 2011


This is a cucuzzi growing in my kitchen garden. Interesting shape, don't you think?

This is a pan filled with sliced cucuzzi (gugutz).

This is a slim breadkin, smeared with olive oil and minced garlic, covered in gugutz slices, sprinkled with grated parm and baked.

We had them this evening with a big salad. They do taste zucchini-like, but moister, higher water content. They are slightly sweet, too.

As more of them ripen, Ill be finding other ways to prepare them. But I wanted the first thing to be simple, so I could really taste it, determine the texture, etc.

We have begun harvesting the big tomatoes and I had a juicy great one for an evening snack. More green beans have been blanched and put in the freezer. The first batch of elderberries have been picked, cleaned and frozen.

Harvest, my friends!

But we could use a couple of days of good rain and that's the truth.

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