Friday, March 16, 2012

For the love of Brigid, don't drink green beer or eat bad soda bread

Yes, tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day.  You will be asked to drink green beer or possibly flat Guinness.  You will be offered dry and humorless soda bread. You may be told to have fish and chips for lunch.

Please, my friends, please don't.

Begin your day with a nice fry up--eggs, toast, bacon, beans, tomatoes, whole meal soda bread, mushrooms, strong tea.

That will set you up for whatever may come your way.  With any luck it will be a dollop of Bushmill's Black Bush.  If you must put it in creamy coffee, then you must. I won't judge you.

Here's what we may eat for supper, in two separate pans in these pics, but I often cook them up together.  Cabbage and potatoes.  Serve this was soda bread and sweet butter.

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