Sunday, July 19, 2009

Peppers, Peppers Everywhere--But When Will the Maters Be Ripe?

All those delicious varieties of peppers are blooming and the fruits are ready for limited harvesting. No habaneros, yet--the sweet ones are the first this year. While watering the potted tomato plants tonight, I noticed that a couple of romas and one of the preciousssss Cherokee Purples are getting themselves ready. If I can hold myself in patience a couple more days...ah. Fresh tomatoes, warm from the sun.

It's the reason I garden, really. All the rest is the pre-show and the clean-up. Don't get me wrong--I love all that fresh veg. But the maters are the thing. It's the one time in the year that I eat white bread. A thinly-sliced tomato, warm from the sun. Crisp lettuce. Mayo. Two soft slices of criminally white bread.

Mountaineers' caviar.

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