Sunday, May 30, 2010

Scientific Conclusion: Anything Can Be Sauteed

Why do I love olive oil so much? And how is it even better with tiny spring onions in it or fresh mashed garlic?

I only know I love it and will fling most any food stuff into it, stir it with a wooden spoon and dump it in a bowl.

Today, I made a gorgeous fat lasagna with mushrooms, four cheeses, spinach from the garden. Now, I don't eat that much pasta so I was scouting around for something for Mommy's supper.

I sauteed a sweet potato in OO, added some mushes, threw in a few fresh snow peas from the garden and topped it all off with a ton of spinach.

Holy moly, it was yummy. I scattered some mozz on top and it melted into the hot spinach.

Yep, it was heaven in a bowl.

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