Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's Too Hot to Eat, Much Less Cook

So I am living on salads (no, the lettuce from the garden is long gone), iced seltzer water and cucumbers.

That is not a problem. because I love cucumbers. For several years, we didn't have good luck with them--in fact, I started beekeeping in a futile attempt to have better cukes.

I went out today and picked another colander full of them. In spite of all the ones we're eating, there are still plenty more. So many that I'm considering making bread-and-butter pickles.

But for now, it's simple. Pick out a fat cuke. Peel it. Slice it in either direction. Salt it lightly.

Eat it up. Yum.


  1. A hot spell might also be a good time for gazpacho. No cooking required. Process, chill, and you're done.

  2. And I have so many cucumbers. I posted a recipe for gazpacho in a post last month, I think. Thanks!