Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Problem With Cukes

Seriously, it's not a problem. It's just that--they are all I want to eat right now. My kitchen sink always has peels in it and there is always a wee bowl of slices near my right hand. I've been careful to water the plants during this fantastical hot spell and they have rewarded me with sweet and succulent cucumbers.

The problem--and it isn't a problem--is that I'm always hungry.

Take this scenario: I come in from wherever and I am hungry. I slice up a big bowl of cucumbers and--because it is very hot--I add a big glass of water.


That fills up my tummy pretty quickly, though, and I am satisfied and full.

For about an hour...and then I think: I'm hungry.

And the cycle repeats.

Yes, I could add something else into the mix, like crackers or some cheese (see previous post). But I don't. I am in thrall to these green beauties. Peel, slice, salt, eat.



In fact, right now? I'm a little hungry.

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